Full-Service Contract Filling & Packaging

We take pride in our ability to handle both large and small production runs with the same attention to quality and detail, efficiency, and professionalism.

For Every Order

Low Minimum Order Requirement

Our philosophy is that no order is too small, we encourage our customers to bring a new product to the market. With low minimum order requirements, we make it that much easier for our customers to do so. As our customers grow, we grow.

Filling Capacity

Flexible manufacturing processes can accommodate your company’s needs. We have three state-of-the-art filling lines, each having the ability to fill containers as small as a 12-ounce bottle up to a 2.5-gallon bottle.

We can help you source and store raw materials. We mix, test, fill, and ship products—all while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Our Services

Full Service Solutions

Our products offer a wide variety of lubricating oils and chemicals in a multitude of packaging and branding options to accommodate the needs of every customer.

Private Label

If you desire to increase your sales to the point that justifies the creation of your brand, we stand ready to assist you in the transition. We have the knowledge, experience, and industry savvy to be your partner every step of the way. 

Your account manager is ready to work with you on which option works best for your business.

Custom Label Designs

Our label supplier is your label supplier, whether you want us to start from scratch or modify your existing label—our teams will work with you to help get the labels you envisioned at no charge.

Min/Max Program

Having a min/max program provides our customers with the peace-of-mind knowing that if an emergency order is needed, it’s available the same day if required.

Warehousing & Fulfillment

With our 50,000 sq/ft warehouse, United Armour Products has the space and personnel available to assemble or kit customers’ products as well as provide inventory management and pack and ship as required.

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About Us

United Armour Products, LLC is an independent private label packager and distributor of automotive aftermarket products.